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 who attended Ride’s West Bank Transit Forum! We had a great panel discussion and a diverse set questions and answers brought up from West Bank residents. If you missed the forum or want to revisit the evening, you’ll find detailed minutes below. Thanks again to all who made this such a successful event and we’ll continue to you keep you up to date on West Bank connectivity and all things transit in New Orleans!

The city of New Orleans is poised to be a 21st century city while retaining our historic charm. Having adequate public transportation allows for ease of access to the resources offered by this city. Capacity has drastically reduced after Katrina. We are out of recovery mode and into expansion mode. One area we have not considered yet is the use of new concepts such as mini-buses. Transportation policy affects infrastructure and our environment. As a member of the city council transportation committee, I realize how these decisions will have an effect on the quality of our lives. The ferry terminal is very important to us. We hope to orchestrate a cohesive path from Quarter to the terminal.

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